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Perfume bottle design

heroVBy Lluis Blanc. Creative Director

Every year more than fifty new perfumes come on to the market. Fifty new products in addition to the many that already exist and that make up between them some two hundred volatile and, in a sense, abstract product lines whose true worth and significance is known only to a few in the business.

As this situation gets worse, advertising and packaging become ever more important as they have to somehow communicate the “meaning” of the perfume in a way that people will understand. It is largely thanks to them that the targeted consumer tries out the perfume in the first place, so that it can finally speak for itself, which is the ultimate test of whether they will buy it or not.

If the role of advertising is to create the emotional content, something that appeals to us, whether consciously or unconsciously, then the packaging, and the bottle in particular, is the most tangible aspect, and the only physical part, of the mix. The designer has to use the shape, colour and combination of materials to create the product’s visual identity. Their job is to make the product stand out, to express what the perfume is about, which age group it is aimed at and where it sits in terms of quality. But above all, they have to create a sense of excitement.

“The bottle will be around until it’s empty, it will be part of its owner’s life for months or even years and throughout this time it must remain an object of desire because the fact is, the bottle is as much a part of the product as the perfume is.”