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From the Concept…


In 2008 Puig asked us what they should do for their next Banderas project.

First we analyzed their previous projects and concluded that the concepts behind it were:

Bad Boy seduction for DIAVOLO,  Mediterranean lifestyle for MEDITERRANEO,  Inner beauty for SPIRIT,  Intimate seduction for ANTONIO, and finally  Soft seduction for BLUE SEDUCTION

In our opinion Antonio’s seduction is a kind of non-controllable seduction, completely natural, spontaneous, almost unintentional. That’s possibly the secret for his success… And that is what we thought the next launch had to talk about.



Our brand name:  THE SECRET

Our bottle:  Secrets kept locked, secret encounters behind closed doors, look into the keyhole… A clear icon in a classic and elegant perfume bottle.






Aigner Graphic Campaigns

White Campaign. Aigner
Too Feminine campaignBlack Comunication Campaign. Aigner

Photography by Friedel Scholten